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(Reference) Questionnaire results
in Japan/Tokyo•Kyoto
By QuesDavid.Inc./Hiroshi saito
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・There were many opinions that I would like to increase the number of module types a little more
​(For example, a portfolio that can store multiple videos, images and music, Chatbot, etc.)
・Sometimes I can't save even if I press the save button (under Japanese translation) (no problem in English)
​・ Reaction time is long and slow, so I hope for improvement (3 to 8 seconds)
・I would like you to put out at least "working (waiting) cursor" that is being processed. The user becomes anxious.

· My Account> Users should be able to list user names
・My Account> Users
Roll should be listed up and can be listed
​・It will be good if one day we can fully set up an account (I understand that it is impossible on the system now)
・It is very difficult to select audio and video in Features> Audio, Videos.
I think it should be possible to load it directly from the browser from My Computer. It is complicated to set from Youtube or Vimeo now, so I would like to be able to set it only with the Video URL like Custom Page> Video> My Video.
​・Store is also difficult to set
Migration of store information: Could you manually transfer the STORE function and product information (product name, fee, etc.) of the website that our clients have been using to the application manually?
I'm looking forward to the fact that it's in production now. I want you to take your time and make a good manual/tutorial.
Please add more sample templates.
It would be better if the sample image was brighter than the current one.
・As I mentioned in ❶,
Button response of the entire dashboard takes about 3-8 seconds (verified on latest Macbook Pro and PC)
-There are times when the save button does not work immediately (sometimes it can not be saved easily)       ❼
・This rating includes a rough draft Web App User Dashboard rating
・Including conventional dashboards (210 points for this evaluation only)

・Almost everyone wanted a slightly softer Mac-like UI/design (although it's not particularly bad) (most of the apps from other companies I've experienced so far were so-called Mac-like and even smarter).
・We are looking forward to updating the design of the Web App User Dashboard and improving the existing dashboard.
・If you reduce the font size in Japanese translation, it may look smart.                     
Priority update desired item
This is a montage/questionnaire result using Appily Dashbord/Editor.
​Only by our narrow-range survey by our legacy client and friends. Please consider it for reference only.
Requests that were made multiple times and a little explanation are added to ❶ to ❽.
​It is fine to order each one as much as you can. I would be happy to see new hopes again if you update and respond.
In other respects, Appily's reputation among those who are involved with us in Japan is perfect. it is perfect.

Questionnaire date: 7/2 ~ 7/15
Total number of monitors: 308/invalid 8
Male to female ratio approx. 7:3
Machine used: Desk Top PC/Mac, Macbook Pro 13/16/17
* Items that cannot be experienced individually (for example, "Customer Support", "Customize Power", "Account Sign up")
_ Reflects the opinion of our team members only
* Including our team members as a service to compare and compare in this evaluation
Approximately 30 people are familiar with the following domestic and overseas ASP/CMS services. I have no experience as a reseller.
(Trial only-It is verification based on service usage experience for about 3 months)
・Shopify, WP, WIX, Ecwid, ECcube, Portfoliobox, Makeshop, Outsystems, Shoutem,
AppGyver, MobiRoller, Makeitapp, Appypie, Instappy, Swiftic, Bubble, Duda, etc.